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Welcome to the Tribes

We are currently accepting apps!

Please feel free to ask questions and start submitting applications!

.:: A Quick Overview of our Tale ::.

In ancient times, the Great Mother Gaia received a gift from her beloved husband, Father Time. Gaia created the earth on an empty sphere and gave birth to all the animals that inhabit it. In her likeness, she created creatures that were clever enough to watch over their animal siblings and maintain peace through the animal classes and for their hard work and effort, they were blessed with a totem spirit that would grant them special abilities.

This is the story of our ancestors. This is the story of our lives. These is why we are known as The Totem Tribes.

Welcome to the tribes....


.:: Important Information ::.

[Home] [Rules] [Legend] [Ranks] [Tribe Info.] [Abilities] [Skill Points] [Ceremonies & Gatherings] [Joining?]


.:: Our Chatrooms ::.

Reptilia Tribe | Amphibia Tribe | Mammalia Tribe | Aves Tribe |
Fish Tribe | Insectum Tribe | Neutral Land

-OOC Chat-
All OOC and Rp planning should take place here~


Is your name or totem animal taken?
~Master List of Names & Totems~

We are currently accepting apps!

Please feel free to ask questions and start submitting applications!



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If you have a Warriors, feline RP, or other animal RP that you'd like to advertise, feel free to affiliate with us~
Hey everyone.
I have noticed some interest in this group over the past few months and I felt this journal warranted.

This group has been inactive for about two years now. Please do not send in apps.

I would like to delete it so people aren't confused when they drop by but I am afraid I no longer hold that power.

I have deleted most of the journals and the app sheet.
This group doesn't really exist anymore, please look else where.

Thank you for your time and interest.
More Journal Entries


.:: Recent Happenings ::.

Season and Weather:
Springtime- Sunny and warm. There is a slight breeze in the air.

News Key:
:bulletgreen: - Great
:bulletyellow: - Good
:bulletwhite: - Neutral
:bulletorange: - Not Good
:bulletred: - Horrible

.:: Our Tribes ::.

*Click on the Tribe's name for a list of tribe members.*

[Mammalia Tribe]
:bulletgreen: 4/22/12 - Lucian has joined as a Gatherer!
:bulletorange: 5/11/12 - Narou and Kiana got attacked by two wild dogs! Keep an eye out for they ran off, but to who knows where...

[Aves Tribe]
:bulletgreen: - Nimbus has joined Aves Tribe!

[Reptilia Tribe]
:bulletgreen: 5/25/12- Alistair is a Warrior.
:bulletgreen: 5/25/12- Vitia is War Chief ~

[Amphibia Tribe]
:bulletgreen: 5/11/12- Topa is now the Shaman!
:bulletgreen: 5/11/12- Piperaine is now a Scout!

[Fish Tribe]
:bulletgreen: Nebulosa has joined the tribe~

[Insectum Tribe]
:bulletgreen: 4/26/12- Douglas has joined Insectum Tribe as Chief.

:bulletblack: Co-founders include the Chiefs

:bulletblack: Contributors include the War Chiefs and Shamans.

:bulletblack: The Chiefs decide which cats get to join their tribe and accept applications. They also keep us updated with news from their Tribes.








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Thank you for you interest, everyone but I am afraid this group is no longer active. Please do not send in applications.
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